A butterfly landed on my arm today,
And before it had the chance to fly away;
I stared at its colors and marveled at the way,
The world works a cycle of creation and decay.

Every creature on this Earth,
Has a function from its birth.
And whether deliberate or with mirth,
In that purpose finds its worth.

Animals, plants, and insects too,
Everything old and everything new;
Connected in a circle true,
Just trying to make it through.

Yes, nature has a long-term plan,
Recycling even the best of man.
From microbes to sentience and back again,
And that is why I am such a fan.

Nothing wasted, nothing thrown away;
Everything will be used again someday.
So, remember even though our bodies may not stay,
Our essence will always play.

©2019 Nancy Lehmann

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