My name is Nancy. I am a wife, mom, pet lover (especially dogs), and I just graduated with a degree in Biology from the University of Colorado, Boulder. I plan on continuing my education to eventually get my Master’s in writing and possibly a PhD in literature or English.

About this blog:┬áThis blog was made as a place to post “Mystory” assignments for one of my writing classes at CU Boulder (Spring 2016). I have since continued to write these and other stories here, because I both enjoy it and find it oddly cathartic.

About me: I grew up in Indiana with my parents and 4 siblings. I have a great husband of over 20 years, Gary, and two grown children, Nikki and Henry, who I am sure to write about from time to time, as they are a large part of my life. I also have five dogs and three cats that I love and care for. My family and I lived in Oklahoma for a few years but have been in Colorado (the most beautiful place I have ever been) for 20 years and counting. To say my life is full, is an understatement. It is overflowing, but in a good way.

About you: I don’t know who all will be reading this blog. I really am not sure who could be that interested in me, but if you find yourself enjoying my stories, let me know or share a story back that my writing pulled forward in your mind somehow. Even constructive criticism is welcome, as I am always trying to improve my writing skills. Tell me what you think, and I promise to read and respond to everything I can, as soon as I can.

All written content on this page is mine unless otherwise stated. All copyright belongs to Nancy Lehmann 2016-2019. Pictures are used either by specific permission or carry an open copyright. No infringement is intended. Please contact me if you believe something in this page has been used wrongly in any way.