Me too

At age 5: “Mommy! Jimmy just pulled my hair! He won’t stop!” “Boys do that when they like you,” she replied.

At age 12: An unknown man on the phone calling a wrong number asked, “Do you like sex?”

At age 13: Getting out of a car in a dress and my skirt got blown up by the wind. Random guy in a passing car honks horn, whistles, and yells, “Yeah, baby!”

Also age 13: At my sister’s house babysitting and helping her clean. She tells me my father told her about me, “She probably will never finish college. She will just get pregnant, like you did.” I believe it, because he has said similar things to my mother, and I overheard it.

At age 14: “You would be sexy if you lost a little weight,” the boy I liked said. When he saw my face he said,”Geez, don’t cry. I would still do you.”

At age 16: A male co-worker walks up from behind me and says, “I like your ass in your uniform.”

At age 17: A male customer, serveral years my senior, tells me a ‘joke’. “Do you know the difference between spaghetti dinner and sex?” I naively say, “No.” He grabs my hand and trys to pull me around the counter and says, “Let’s go have spaghetti dinner.”

At age 18: A male counselor at college tells me, “Maybe you should just get married and settle down,” when I asked for help getting out of academic probation. I dropped out soon after.

At age 20: Through the drive-thru window at work, a man I had met one day before says, “We shoud have sex.” “I’m eight months pregnant,” I reply. “Yeah, that’s the point. You can’t get pregnant again.”

At age 25, 29, 35: Random men, usually in their 70s and 80s, in various places. “Only if you smile for me.” *wink*

At age 43: My second time around at college, a male professor after I said I had been a stay-at-home mom for the last 20+ years asked, “Are you sure you can handle this material?” I dropped the class and took it with a different professor later. I got an A.

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